Zac E-Book allows you to unblock websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, MySpace, Yahoo Mail and many more that are blocked by your ISP, School or Work. Enter a URL below in the box and click go to start surfing.
Advanced options

No Popups While Surfing!

An online web proxy service allowing you to surf the web anonymously, bypassing internet filters to unblock websites like YouTube without ever revealing your location or IP address. According to Wikipedia, A "Proxy Server" acts as an intermediary hub through wich your internet traffic is sent through to bypass website restrictions and access websites anonymously. By using our proxy server, you are able to browse any website anonymously, conceal your location, hide your internet history because your browsing is encrypted and your real IP address is hidden. We Also Offer SSL (recommended) to make your browsing 100% stealthy and unreadable from deep packet inspection.

  • Free VPN

    A high quality totally free VPN solution including PPTP and OpenVPN access, whether you need the protection at the coffee-shop, the anonymity to download torrents or the extra security while browsing third party websites, you can count on to keep you safe online.

  • Edit Browser

    Here you can set your browser to another user-agent, adding another layer of anonymity by never revealing your real browser version to 3rd party websites.

  • Cookies

    You can view and delete cookies set on your computer by sites accessed through our service. All cookies stored on server are automatically deleted every 30 minutes.